Where’s the faith?


Five days at the 58th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women were both too much and not enough.  Panel after panel, speaker after speaker, our brains were filled with the wide range of topics that can fall under the heading of “women’s issues”.  Yet I still feel like there was so much I missed, even within the sessions I attended.  I often wished there had been time to say “Excuse me – can you repeat that? I can’t keep up!”

However, to balance this overwhelming act of stuffing the brain, our cohort of ELCA young adults came together each night to debrief and discuss.  It is this part of the past week for which I am most grateful.  I need to process things out loud, to hear other’s thoughts and reflections, so having the opportunity to say “This is what I’ve been thinking all day and what the heck do I do with that?!” is of the utmost importance for my whole understanding.

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