Justice for Women for the Sake of the Entire Body of Christ

Melissa Pohlman, Pastor For Community Ministry at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN


Melissa PohlmanThere are moments and times when I expect things to be different and then they are not. When things are exactly the same as they have always been, I chide myself for being fooled once again, for giving people and institutions more credit than they deserve.

Being in spaces where women are working so hard to bring about gender justice has been invigorating and exhausting. Most days I remain hypervigilant to the words I choose and how my choices impact all those who surround me. Words that used to be synonyms in my mind now hold delicate nuances based on the stories from women who have entrusted me with their moments, stories told at times to entire rooms packed full of other women. Continue reading “Justice for Women for the Sake of the Entire Body of Christ”