This Beautifully Messy Church

Margaret Kelly, Pastor Developer, Shobi’s Table, St Paul, MN


Margaret KellyIt took me a minute to realize what had happened in New York. It took me a minute to fully realize what I had been invited into. It took me a minute to see what the church is up to.

Our church, our sometimes not-so-with-it mainline, protestant denomination sends young women and men to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women as leadership development. Our church sends leaders to be built up on an international stage. Our church sends leaders who aren’t necessarily called to rostered ministry to be built up in their vocations for the sake of the world. And, I got to be one of those leaders.

This is the church that gives me optimism. I get to be a part of a church that sees value in connecting faith to the larger story of the world. I got to meet incredible people who feel called to do justice in the world. It was humbling. And then, I had another moment, a more personal moment. A realization of my own leadership development. A realization at the work that has gone into developing me. Another realization of how much the church has done to support the work I am called to do.

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