Naming the Women Here With Us

Sister Tashina Good, Program Assistant for Constituent Engagement, ELCA World Hunger


We are here!

After months of planning and preparation we have arrived in New York City at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

Without being sure what to expect I found myself surrounded by hundreds of powerful women from around the world. Our second day was the Ecumenical Women at the United Nations Orientation Day. We were given an overview of CSW, what we will be experiencing this upcoming week, and how we can be agents for change.

Although there were powerful moments throughout the particular one that struck me most deeply was during our closing worship when we were asked to close our eyes and name the women who are not here that we carry with us. All throughout my life, I have been surrounded by amazing women who have grounded and shaped me, who have influenced me and shown me what it means to live into who I am today. This task to name these women struck me because my understanding of faith in this world is through the community of people surrounding me. It is a living faith active through the work, lives, and love of others working for justice and living out their vocation. It is not stagnant or trapped within walls, but Christ living and breathing in this world through the body of believers. We are called into action together.

IMG_3112The first thought that went through my mind was of my grandma. She is a powerful woman, who is a never-ending support system in my life. Her name is Margie and she is here. My mother and my sisters, they are here. My nieces, they are here. As a sister within the Deaconess Community of the ELCA, the sisters and candidates, past, current, and future, they are all here. The multitude of women who are my colleagues, peers, mentors, friends, and neighbors, they are here. This week as I learn about how change is being made toward a just world. This week, as my words have voice within and surrounding, these women are here. They are influencing and contributing, they are empowering, and so much more.

We are here! Thanks be to God!


#UNCSW16 – #CSW60 – #ELCAdeaconess – #ELCAWorldHunger


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