Gospel Across Boundaries

Caitlin Zimmerman, Assistant for Justice for Women through Lutheran Volunteer Corps

ELCA Justice for Women

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.35.16 PMYesterday was our Ecumenical Women orientation at Sixtieth Session Commission on the Status of Women. As our hosting organization, we joined for worship, song, and prophetic dialogue from across our partner churches. We came together and had to find a way to pray together and hear the gospel across boundaries. What came to my mind was something I heard Nadia Bolz-Weber say at an event last fall: that the particularities and differences make us strong and preserve our communities and denominations, but “the more we try to draw lines the more the Holy Spirit tries to kick at those lines.”

The cohort’s theme yesterday was earth. Which was coincidental because the altar at worship was covered in river rocks. It was likened to the wailing wall, a place for women to wail and lament, a place for us to touch and feel the earth or the pain. It was a beautiful place to take our prayers, written on paper, and nestle them among the stones, to claim a physical space for community and voice. We were invited to take a small rock to ground our advocacy work this week. The worship was not exactly smooth in our differences, but just as the river worked to smooth out our stones, the Holy Spirit is there to smooth over the lines we have drawn.

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