It is time… To rebuild our culture

What does it mean to change a culture?

Is it even possible?

With a movement that is powerful,

Can we be unstoppable?

To fight and fight and fight some more

May only get us so far.

We need men along for the ride

Supporting us as we are.

To change the stereotypes we have

These are things we must do:

Spread the word about gender equality

And empower ourselves to continue.

The following memes here are provided

By the talented Mikka McCracken.

They show things to consider

And provide ways for action.


Yes it takes time to build a culture

And rebuilding is even harder.

But using our gifts and talents and passion

With solidarity, we can go farther.


This double standard must not be ignored

But what are ways we can change this?

Let’s transform our language about these things

And encourage women for leadership.


Changing an idea is Easy. Changing attitudes is hard. Changing beliefs is harder. Changing values is hardest.

The hardest is changing values

Which form when we are young.

Let’s cut off discrimination and stereotypes

BEFORE they have begun.

Tools to Deconstruct Gender Stereotypes:


1. Call It Out.

2. Identify the Stereotype and Attitude

3. Use the Research

4. Pay Attention to Intersectionality

5. Use Humor

6. Promote Diversity of Varied Voices to Overcome Stereotypes

If we take these tools and use them daily

What change we could do

Lead with our actions every day

Let us make this culture new.

Keep dreaming. Keep speaking. Keep believing.

Sarah Adam


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